Course curriculum

  • 2

    3D Character Modeling: Learning Skils

  • 3

    3D Character Modeling: Constructing Your Portfolio

    • 3D Character Modeling: Ideas for Mini-Projects to Improve Skills
    • 3D Character Modeling: Tools and Techniques
    • 3D Character Modeling: Practice Like a Pro
    • 3D Character Modeling: What if I Have No Job Experience
    • 3D Character Modeling: Junior Artist Roles
    • 3D Character Modeling: Interviewing
    • Understanding the Road Ahead
    • 3D Character Modeling: Internships/Gaining Experience
    • 3D Character Modeling: LinkedIn Profiles
  • 4

    3D Character Modeling: Targeting Companies

    • 3D Character Modeling: Cover Letters
    • 3D Character Modeling: Job Descriptions
    • 3D Character Modeling: Industry Hotspots
    • 3D Character Modeling: Networking
    • 3D Character Modeling: Research
    • 3D Character Modeling: Final Thoughts and Takeaways
  • 5

    3D Animation: Learning Skills

    • 3D Animation: Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • 3D Animation: Research FREE PREVIEW
    • 3D Animation: What Companies Want
    • 3D Animation: What Software?
    • 3D Animation: Best Practices in Animation
    • 3D Animation: Time Management
    • 3D Animation: Daily Sprints and Setting Goals
    • 3D Animation: Break Up Animation Tasks
    • 3D Animation: Portfolio Walk Cycle Examples
    • 3D Animation: Organizing Tasks
    • 3D Animation: Less is More, Quality Over Quantity
    • 3D Animation: Demonstrating Your Strengths to Studios
    • 3D Animation: Targeting Your Audience
  • 6

    3D Animation: Constructing Your Portfolio

    • 3D Animation: Portfolio Specifics
    • 3D Animation: Portfolio Run, Idle, and Attack Examples
    • 3D Animation: Attack Combo Examples
    • 3D Animation: What If I Have No Job Experience?
    • 3D Animation: Being Proactive in your Job Search
    • 3D Animation: Tests and Application Do's and Don'ts
    • 3D Animation: What Studios Want to See From An Applicant
    • 3D Animation: Resumes
  • 7

    3D Animation: Targeting Companies

    • 3D Animation: Specific Demo Reel Research
    • 3D Animation: Power of the Network
    • 3D Animation: Applying Research in Job Interviews
    • 3D Animation: Location and Job Fit
    • 3D Animation: Cover Letters and Job Communication


Game Art Co Founded by Nick Sweetman is a collective of game artists based in Helsinki, Finland. Finland is considered a super power in the mobile gaming industry.  Passionate about teaching we want all our students to succeed on their chosen learning path.  We have trained over 20,000 students on Udemy!  Our courses are practical and focus on the essential core skills and workflow needed by an industry game artist.  Our learning content is designed to be inspiring, effective & efficient.  With a combined experience of over twenty years in the games industry. With over 20 published and award winning titles released on console, PC and mobile.  Our artists come from companies that include Rovio, Remedy and Supercell.  Our courses adapt the Finnish style of educational training which is consistently ranked the best in the world.

Class Creatives
has over 20 years of professional industry experience and nearly a decade of accredited university level instruction. Instructors featured from Studios such as Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Television, Google, Nintendo, Naughty Dog, Sony Computer Ent, Insomniac, Sucker Punch, Guerrilla Games, Infinity Ward, and more!.

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